Let The Wedding Planning Commence!

It’s coming to the end of 2017 and my…. I mean our wedding is a year away and  so far I’ve been pretty relaxed. I endlessly stroll though Pinterest and Instagram  plus the never ending emails from all the wedding magazines and websites I’ve signed up to. I have to keep reminding myself ‘Naomi your on a budget’. Otherwise things will get out of hand ,already i have spent ££££s lol.


Being a student and planning a wedding with more than 200 guest quite normal for a west indian wedding, although i do think 200 is lucky as this number could have been a lot more.  There is so much to choose from, it gets kinda frustrating especially when you want  everything to be just perfect, but  because half the things you can’t buy here in England and I refuse to buy anything off of eBay. Nevertheless in between all of the planning  i ensure that I take regular naps and remain calm at all times .

But how does one take back control, in the mists of all the opinions from my nearest and dearest?
I’ll be taking you guys along with me, while I document my wedding journey. And I’ll also be blogging and uploading to my YouTube channel which I’m updating. Also check out my Instagram page Dirtyfashion191

Be sure to keep checking back as i will be giving you an update on here about the wedding each week.



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