What do you do when your feel demotivated

It will be fine they say, don’t lose hope they say, things will get better THEY SAY! Nooooooo it won’t ! I screamed back in my head . I mean no one wants to hear that in a time, where nothing seems to be going the way you hoped, or you feel , your life and the people around you are achieving their goals.

Listen your time will come , relax be kind to yourself, after all your not doing yourself any favours by beating yourself up about your current situation,that you can’t change , with a click of a finger. My advice would be, take a step back from all the hustle and bustle of your life , see what it is that’s really important , and then you will see what the future holds. 1:Make a list of the things that you would like to do.2: Ask yourself what are these things that are holding you back? This could be work, Family, friends, if these are making your feel some sort of way cut it out, or find a way that best suits you. 3:Now start to cross out the things that are no longer relevant. 4:Now smile šŸ˜Š with each step on your list that you cross off.5: And lastly take time , don’t rush and remember not everyone finds that pot of gold at the same time. X


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